Amherst Class of 1976
40th Reunion

  Amherst Class of '76

Amherst Class of '76
40th Reunion

The Ones We Miss

On Sunday, July 31st, we will be paying tribute to those classmates below who are no longer with us.  
At High Noon, we will go out into the Courtyard, which is now beautifully appointed with flowers, benches and a water fountain, and release 28 Monarch Butterflies into the air in their honor.

Everyone is welcome to join us, and say a few words in honor of these sweet souls.

The idea and funding for this profound gesture was both from our classmate Maria Valls, 
who now lives in Portland, Oregon, and cannot be with us, but will be in spirit.

Thank you Maria!

Barry Aebischer
Lynelle Aterberry
Jack Barone
Peter Beilewich
Richard Boyers
Tom Carland
Cheryl Cassety
Chuck Collura
Tom Dobbins
 Julie Earl
Mitch Eves

Larry Funseth
Susan Gettig
Scherherazade Haque
Linda Hallet
Paul Johnson

Jeff Kibler
Patrick McCauley
Pamela Mattioli
Jeff Moynihan
David Metzger
Abby Gail Palanker
John Robinson
Lee Seymour
Marc Simon
David Smith
Alan Toale
Jon Tonner